There are several ways you can help Right To Health fuel its mission and vision.

  1. Please support our efforts by giving a tax-deductible donation. We are a wholly volunteer team, a contribution of $50 or more will go a long way. We appreciate any donation size.
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  2. We need volunteers, especially journalists, grant writers and researchers, and social media experts. You don’t need to live in Portland either, you can reside anywhere. Please email us at: if you can help.
  3. Bring our work into your community and share it. We encourage you to:
    • Listen to those who bear the brunt of racism
    • Talk to your children about how to interrupt bullying safely and how to report it
    • Speak with someone who looks much like you about how racism affects you and those who do not look like you
    • Write a letter to the CDC, NIH and other systemic institutions that are responsible for public policy. See Leslie’s letter to the CDC as an example.
    • Write a letter to your state and local representatives in support of declaring racism a public health crisis
    • If you are white, recognize and utilize your privilege even if it’s just speaking truth when you see mistreatment

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