Right To Health Now!

We’ve been following many groups over the years that have been gathering more and more research –and how it impacts our economy–related to racism and health. When Unnatural Causes released the above documentary, “When The Bough Breaks”, we decided it was time. Racism must be declared a national health crisis. The cost of human life, irreparable mental, emotional and physical distress and millions of healthcare dollars are no longer sustainable. We want to fulfill the promise of our democracy for all so that all Americans in crisis are being cared for.

Where to start when we know at the highest levels, very few acknowledge racism is a health problem? Leslie decided to start with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC. You can read her letter here. As it turns out, when we shared what we were doing, a lot of people all over the country agreed. They were very supportive and have asked how to get involved. Hence, Right To Health Now! has ignited.

We are mobilizing to send a very clear message to prominent US health institutions and social justice leaders that the longtime denial of racism has been unmasked for what it is: “The Matrix” of our time. Denial bars us from our own humanity and renders our potentially helping hands immobile. We cannot truly be equal as Americans while our most respected health institutions subtly perpetrate racist tactics by not recognizing racism meets their own criteria.

This is not about politics. This is about people and equality. And doing something truly transformative with how we regard US healthcare. For now, we’ve started this petition on MoveOn.org to bring awareness and begin to hold our health institutions accountable. There’s much more to do in the meantime, and we will provide updates here as we get them.

Please share the petition! Thanks for your support.


It's Time To Flip The Script.