Tina Semko, Vice President of Operations:

We call her Super Tina. Tina’s dedication to bringing equitable health access to immigrants, refugees and communities of color is what makes her a vital contributor to Right To Health.  Tina currently serves on the Portland Police’s Training Advisory Council (TAC), as a board member for Rosewood Initiative, and a the city of Portland’s East Portland Neighborhood Office (EPNO) Grants Committee.  She is active with the Multnomah Democrats and also serves as a Precinct Committee Person for House District 47. With a special interest in women’s health, Tina is pursuing a PhD in Community Health at Portland State University. On top of all this, Tina is a wife and mother of her 5 year-old daughter, Aardina.  When she’s not working, studying, parenting and being a champion of social justice across multiple organizations (!), Tina loves music, learning new languages, hiking, and running. 


Kristy LaFollette, Director of Development & Marketing:

Recently relocating to Portland in early 2015, Kristy is a seasoned writer, digital producer and event maker. Raised in Davis, CA, Kristy learned at an early age that equality in America is not shared; racism is a very subtle and deep-rooted problem, particularly for Black Americans. Her experience talking to many people over the years has led her to conclude that many people of “dominant culture” do want to help, but very few are aware of the deep, psychological trauma of what it’s like to be a person of color in America. Joining Right To Health as a volunteer consultant in March 2015, Kristy is excited to be part of realizing Right To Health’s vision: to open up dialogue about racism all over the country (the world) and address the immediate health problems that abound around racist attitudes and behavior. Aside from her day job as VP of Client Relations and Operations at Favorite Medium, Kristy has served on boards for San Francisco-based arts collective Southern Exposure and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Kristy also is a supporting member and volunteer of Ella Baker Center in Oakland, a social justice organization committed to breaking the cycle of disinvestment and incarceration in communities of color.

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